What is Rosary Experience?

In the approved Marian Apparitions of Fatima and Lourdes, Our Gracious Blessed Mother asks us to pray her Holy Rosary daily, which can be challenging.

The Rosary has about 73 Prayers, so maintaining continuous meditative prayer is harder to stay focused on, than vocal prayer. The repetitive Hail Marys can lead to prayer distraction and not being fully engaged in meditation of the Rosary's Holy Mysteries.  

Rosary Experience has 25 prayer features, that utilizes concepts from Ignatian Spirituality, where you use your senses to experience God. This keeps your heart, head and spirit in continual prayer. Pray with over 1700 Rosary Videos that envelopes your soul through Icons, Sacred Art, Scripture, Latin, Chant, Movie Clips, Music and other rich beauties from traditions of the Catholic Faith. The Biblical Scenes and Mysteries come alive before your eyes and ears as if you are physically experiencing them live, next to Our Lord and Our Lady, feeling their fruits, joys, sorrows, & sufferings all while bringing the Transcendent ever present into your prayer life.

ReX is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, the Mediatrix of Grace

“No one can live continually in sin & continue to say the Rosary: either they give up sin or they give up the Rosary.”

– Bishop Hugh Doyle

ReX Video Library:
Over 2000 Rosary Video Titles

Sort your Rosary and find your Meditation Style from:

Shortest | Longest | Scriptural | Chant
| Latin | Music | Movie Clips | You Recite | 

We have a huge library of YouTube Rosary titles.

Joyful Mysteries                          Sorrowful Mysteries

Luminous Mysteries                  Glorious Mysteries

All 4 Mysteries: Full Rosary       54 Day Novenas

7 Sorrows Rosaries                     7 Crown Rosaries

St. Joseph Rosaries                     Carmelite Rosaries 

Children's Rosaries                     Rosaries in 6 Languages

Rosary Talks                                 Classic Marian Music

App Reviews

Helps Me Focus & Remember to Pray the Rosary

My devotion to Our Lady has always been strong, but I’ve often struggled with focus and drive in praying my daily Rosary. I’m in my first week of using this app, and I can confidently say that it is helping me both be more consistent and focus! From motivating me by showing me my “streak” count (of daily rosaries), which of course I don’t want to break (!), to providing me with unique videos and guides to keep my attention, this app has surprised me. Thank you to its developers! If you’re reading this as a potential user, give it a shot! It surely has something that will help you, too 

D ori B          
iOS User

Great concept!

Great concept; it’s kind of like Netflix for the rosary! The videos I’ve explored so far are great for allowing the rosary to be a more meditative and focused experience and frees you from having to keep track of how many Hail Marys you said when you don’t have a physical rosary at hand. I like the ability to select which videos to utilize based on length and think the calendar feature is great for those who endeavor to pray the rosary every day. Very smooth experience so far. Great app!


iOS User

Whole New Experience

This is such a blessing to me. All my life I’ve struggled with distractions while praying the rosary. With this app and all its beautiful scenes, videos and the soft background music I can now easily stay focused on the mysteries. I am immensely grateful and will treasure this app for the rest of my life.

iOS User

Love the Gregorian Chant!

Anyone who struggles with spiritual dryness, like myself, should download this app. The audible and visual stimulation helps immensely when praying, as does the variety of different meditations. I highly encourage you to try it!


iOS User

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You can also call us at (970) OUR-LADY / (970) 687-5239 and leave a voicemail. If it is a more complex app issue, we will call you back.

Note, the FAQs feature in the Rosary Experience app's settings menu (ME Menu / or Your Initials in the upper left hand corner of the home screen) answers 99% of questions users typically have, so head on over there for an instant answer before you contact us. 

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